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Viewer Alternatives

on Tue Apr 10, 2018 4:24 pm
In case you are having viewer computer issues.

Alternative viewers - Run SL in your web browser (not free $17 monthly)

Radegast - Text Viewer only

Metachat $2.99 for apple iphone to run text based SL on your iphone

Lumyia $2.99 in Google Play Store - Graphical viewer for Android OS

Catznip (recommended by Rose - not r12 version is windows only)

Singularity Viewer (Has Bento)

SL Grid Client - Mobile viewer - Takes lindens as payment - Runs on phone, maybe on tablet - not for apple phones)

Discord for messaging :

Smartbots in SL (paid)

Responding to SL via your emails

Do you want to get your second life message delivered to your email while your offline?
This is how you do it!

Enable offline notices via Dashboard and reply to your IMs via email

1. Login to your account :
2. home > account > change email (make sure to verify) > check the box that says you want to get messages while your offline Smile

Tah Dah!

~ Rose

Also you can download a mail program to your smartphone add the right email account that is associated with your SL account and start replying to SL messages via your smart phone through emails! That means you can have an entire SL convo without being in SL!
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